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Our network of independent consultants has extensive experience in the development and implementation of quality systems which comply with ISO standards. We also have experience training management and staff as well as assessing customer satisfaction throughout the process. Our team includes Certified Lead ISO and Quality Auditors, experienced Professional Trainers, Manufacturing and Service industry experts, Documentation Consultants, Customer Satisfaction Consultants and Technical Experts. All O&A experts have over 10 years of experience in industry or quality-related fields. Depending on your company needs, O&A will assemble a team that works towards achievement of your goals!

Founder & President

Mr. Don W. Overman is Founder and President of Overman & Associates, LLC. Mr. Overman has over 30 years of ISO-related experience, is a Certified Quality Manager and has held executive positions that involved Quality, Strategic Planning, Customer Support and Manufacturing. Utilizing his 30 years of management experience, Mr. Overman has been working with clients in identifying and correcting problems since 1987.

Before founding O&A, Mr. Overman was Vice President of Customer Relations and Quality for a $750m leading computer distributor. Mr. Overman implemented a formal quality control process, dramatically improved product and service quality, and implemented ISO 9001 from a non-existent quality system which passed ISO registry audit the first time.

Prior to that role, Mr. Overman was also Partner in the consulting firm CFC, Inc. in Dayton, Ohio. Mr. Overman was responsible for the Commercial division, which included consulting and training for ISO 9000, Total Quality Management, Team Building, Process Improvement and JIT for the manufacturing and service sectors.

Mr. Overman is also an Advisor to the University of Dayton’s Business School and Operations Management Department, and is active in various professional organizations.

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