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The following are excerpts from client testimonials:


From the VP/ Technical Director of gh Package & Product Testing and Consulting, Inc.

O&A guided this company towards its ISO 17025 certification.

...I write to thank and commend everyone at O&A for all the hard work, dedication, reliability and devotion they put forth.


…gh Testing was introduced to Don Overman with O&A in 1995 when working a packaging project with Don. From that time, Don has been a beacon of knowledge for process improvement and quality process implementation. Due to the success with working with Don over the years, we chose to use O&A to help us better improve work and process flow.


…The services we received from O&A were extremely helpful in improving and achieving our business goals. O&A was able to perform a gap analysis to determine our opportunities for improvement. Then, through O&A, we were able to receive auditor training, quality process improvement, assistance in writing our quality manual and procedures without drastically changing the way we do business. O&A was then able to help gh Testing put the quality system in place without major disruption to the way we do business. The entire project was extremely well managed, thanks to Don.


…gh Testing now encourages clients to come audit gh Testing so we can better improve our service to our clients... Since working with O&A, gh Testing’s sales have continuously increased year after year. Due to the increased sales, we have had to increase our capabilities and purchase new equipment to keep up with the demand, yet still through process improvement with O&A, we are able to remain at a profitable level. We have maintained several customers since acquiring ISO 17025 as this has become a requirement by our customers.


...The service we received from O&A was excellent. Once again, my gratitude to all at O&A who made this process thorough, inexpensive, and painless.



From the Chairman of LaStar.com

 O&A guided this company through various quality-related projects.


…Due to the volatile nature that our market was experiencing at the time, Don directed our efforts in recruiting, training, process analysis and improvement, system enhancement and any other pertinent task to the project operations of the business.

…Don was critical in assisting us in maintaining an efficient operation.


…In each circumstance, Don exhibited the highest level of professionalism and dedication.


...I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Overman & Associates.



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