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Quality & ISO Explained

What is the ISO Process Approach?

The ISO standards are structured around the Process Approach concept. Two of the eight quality management principles are key to understanding this principle:

  • Process Approach - Understand and organize company resources and activities to optimize how the organization operates.
  • System Approach to Management - Determine sequence and interaction of processes and manage them as a system. Processes must meet customer requirements.

Therefore, when company resources and activities are optimally organized, and managed as a system, the desired result is achieved more efficiently.

In order to effectively manage and improve your processes, use the Plan-Do-Check-Act or PDCA cycle as a guide. First, you Plan by defining your key processes and establishing quality standards for those processes. Next, you Do by implementing the plan. Thirdly, you Check by using measurements to assess compliance with your plan, and finally, you Act by continuously improving your product performance.

What are the ISO Elements?

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