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Organizational Effectiveness Surveys

O&A can help in with a well designed survey that measures:

  • Communication
  • Resouces Planning
  • Customer Focus
  • Company Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Continous Improvement
  • Safety

We can provide you with either an off the shelf 25 item survey or a survey customized specifically for your organization. Our standard survey includes two open-ended questions about what the employee likes most and what needs to be improved. If you choose the customized option, you can tailor your open-ended questions to more specific aspects of your organization that might need improvment.

Services include:

  • Questionnaire design (when necessary)
  • Data Collection
    • on-site
    • on-line
  • Report Preparation
  • Analysis of Findings
  • Presentation of Findings
  • One meeting with employees to go over results

In our experience, we have seen first-hand how successful execution of an Organizational Effectiveness strategy strengthens employee relationships, drives better business decisions and helps to enhance customer satisfaction. Contact O&A for further information.


In-house, customized courses are available for each course. Contact O&A for more information.



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